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We provide support and guidance to families like yours struggling with their son’s or daughter’s substance use.

Our Mission

Methamphetamine can impact businesses through employee absenteeism, property theft, vandalism, and environmental pollution. Employees who use meth pose a risk to themselves and to fellow employees, and they create liability for the business. Facts that business owners need to know:

  • About 1 in 10 workers has a drinking problem
  • About 1 in 20 workers has a drug problem
  • 77% of current adult drug users are employed
  • Drug using employees are:
    • Twice as likely to be absent
    • Three times more likely to be late for work
    • Nearly four times more likely to injure themselves or others
    • Five times more likely to file a workers-comp claim

“Businesses must learn to protect themselves!”

The Meth Task Force members offer training and technical assistance for local businesses in the following areas:

  • Identifying meth paraphernalia and signs of meth use;
  • Developing and implementing a drug-free workplace policy;
  • Risk and liability management related to alcohol and other drug use; and
  • Creating and implementing drug testing policies.

Business Support


Kern County Methamphetamine Reduction Task Force provides training to support businesses in hiring and maintaining a healthy, drug free work force. Training is available on drug identification, signs and symptoms of drug use and protecting your business’ bottom line.

To schedule a training for your community, send an email with your request to

Business Support


Materials are available through the Kern County Methamphetamine Reduction Task Force on a variety of topics regarding drugs and business, including the Making Your Workplace Drug – Free: A Kit for Employers.

To schedule a training for your community, send an email with your request to

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