Drug Free Kern participates in a variety of prevention activities in Kern County. This includes providing presentations on alcohol and drug prevention, distributing resources at local events, and limiting the access and availability of drugs and alcohol.

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Research has shown that drug addiction is both preventable and treatable. It is vital that prevention be a critical component of national, state and local drug strategies because addiction is a developmental disorder that can begin in adolescence, sometimes as early as childhood, and can be mitigated by preventing and increasing the age of initiation among youth. Among individuals aged 18 to 30 admitted to treatment facilities, 74 percent began substance use at age 17 or younger.

– Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America


If you would like to have a prevention presentation at your school, place of business, or to a parent group, please email prevention@kernbhrs.org to receive a detailed list of the presentations offered.

Presentation topics include:

  • Drugs 101
  • Drug Prevention 101
  • Student Athlete & Opioids
  • Cannabis​ and Vaping
  • Addiction: The Brain and The Body

Resource Fairs

Drug Free Kern provides information, resources on substance misuse and abuse and ways to prevent it at resource fairs throughout Kern county. In 2018, Drug Free Kern was present at over 20 resource fairs. To request Drug Free Kern have a table or booth at your resource fair, please email prevention@kernbhrs.org​.

Social Host Ordinance

In Kern County, 21.5% of residents know someone who has served alcohol to minor in their home or during a social event.1 The Social Host Ordinance (SHO) allows law enforcement to cite those who actively and/or passively aid, allow, or tolerate loud and unruly social gatherings where there is underage drinking. The SHO is an administrative ordinance and is non-criminal. Those who violate the ordinance may face a fine of $1,000, 40 hours of community service, recovery of response costs and / or a lien on the property. You can report underage drinking at parties or social gatherings at a residence by calling:

Ordinance numbers

  • Kern – Code: 9.34.010 and  9.36.020
  • Bakersfield – Code: 9.23.110
  • Delano – Code: 9.37.010

Naloxone Distribution Program

In an effort to prevent opioid overdose deaths, The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) Director and State Public Health Officer issued a Standing Order for Naloxone to allow entities to distribute and administer naloxone. Through this standing order, California’s Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) created the Naloxone Distribution Project to provide organizations access to Naloxone at no cost.2

Drug Free Kern is a recipient of DHCS’s Naloxone Distribution Project grant and provides Naloxone through the Naloxone Distribution Program.

The Naloxone Distribution Program is based on the train the trainer model. The program trains organizations that conduct outreach to high risk populations throughout the county. Participants learn the warning signs of an opioid overdose, how to administer Naloxone, and best practices in relation to engaging active substance users. Program participants are provided Naloxone kits to distribute at no cost.

For individuals and family members naloxone is available from their doctor to have it filled at a pharmacy. It is also possible to purchase naloxone directly from a pharmacist without a prescription. If you have health care insurance, naloxone prescriptions may be covered 3.

If you are interested in naloxone training please email prevention@kernbhrs.org.