Our Mission

Drug Free Kern provides substance use prevention outreach and education to strengthen the health, healing, and safety of the Kern Community.

What We Do

Drug Free Kern (DFK) is comprised of community members, local agencies, businesses, treatment providers, and key stakeholders. The coalition works to reduce the impact of substance and alcohol misuse and abuse in Kern County.

Drug Free Kern is comprised of three committees: Business, Youth and Family, and Public Safety. These committees are open to the public and strive to include members from all twelve specified Drug Free Communities (DFC) Sectors ranging from youth and parents to law enforcement and healthcare professionals. Together, these volunteers work on major events such as the Hope Through Mentoring Conference and Kern County DUI Symposium. In addition to those flagship events, members attend resource fairs, provide education on substance use prevention, and actively work with residents throughout Kern to identify and address substance use issues in their community.


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