Our Mission

The Drug Free Kern Coalition provides substance use prevention, outreach, and education to strengthen the health, healing, and safety of the Kern Community.

What We Do

Drug Free Kern (DFK) is comprised of community members, local agencies, businesses, treatment providers, and key stakeholders. The coalition works to reduce the impact of substance and alcohol misuse and abuse in Kern County.

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Overdose Prevention

Drug Free Kern employs a multi-pronged approach to overdose prevention in our community.  Outreach and Prevention efforts include Narcan distribution, treatment services, and safe medication disposal.  Drug Free Kern partners with various agencies throughout Kern to distribute Narcan, a medication that reverses opioid-related overdoses. Additionally, our coalition promotes access to and awareness of medication assisted treatment through outreach and distribution of psychoeducational materials. In partnership with pharmacies and law enforcement offices throughout the County, DFK reduces medication access points by providing free medication receptacles for community members to surrender their unused, unwanted, or expired prescription and over-the-counter medications.

Stigma Reduction

Stigma surrounding substance use and mental health is pervasive in all areas of our lives.  Fear of judgment, punishment, and poor treatment act as a barrier between struggling individuals and the services they need for recovery. Drug Free Kern acknowledges these barriers, and through open communication, educational messaging, and the sharing of human stories works to remove treatment stigma. Current DFK projects include communitywide billboards promoting lifesaving medications, one on one interviews with individuals touched by substance use, and treatment best practices and availability to community providers as well as the general public.

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Community Building

Substance use is a complicated and multifaceted struggle that cannot be solved by working in silos. Drug Free Kern provides a space for community partners working in all areas and specialization throughout Kern County to highlight their success, struggles, and upcoming events. Through these partnerships we have had uncounted success identifying areas of need, bridging gaps in services, and providing support to our community.


Drug Free Kern meets on the fourth Wednesday of each month. For meeting information please email Drugfreekern@kernbhrs.org


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